Heads Up for Scammers Impersonating CartelSpark Digital Marketing Agency

CartelSpark has recently become aware of fraudulent activities involving the unauthorized use of our brand name, logo, employee names, and likenesses. These attempts aim to deceive individuals across various platforms and channels. We condemn these unlawful actions in the strongest possible terms.

CartelSpark’s Commitment to Client and Public Safety:

As a digital marketing company, CartelSpark prioritizes proactive measures to protect our brand, employees, clients, and the public from falling victim to scams. This public service announcement aims to equip you with the knowledge to identify and avoid these deceptive practices.

How to Identify Fraudulent Practices? 

  • Unsolicited Contact: Legitimate communication from CartelSpark will not occur through unsolicited messages on platforms like Telegram. Our primary contact methods with clients, prospects, and candidates involve email and phone calls.
  • Financial Exploitation: CartelSpark does not request financial contributions from freelancers, contractors, or employees. We operate under signed contracts with established payment terms, and we never initiate requests for money transfers or upfront payments.
  • Misleading Application Processes: CartelSpark maintains a well-defined process for onboarding independent contractors. We do not charge application fees, and as the employer, we compensate contractors according to the terms outlined in signed agreements.
  • Fictitious Apps and Cryptocurrency: CartelSpark does not have a dedicated mobile application. We only utilize official communication channels listed on our website. Similarly, we have no affiliation with cryptocurrency and will never request investments or payments in cryptocurrency.
  • Protecting Sensitive Information: CartelSpark prioritizes the confidentiality of client and employee information. We never request banking information via email, chat, text messages, or phone calls.

What If You Suspect a Scam?

CartelSpark encourages you to exercise caution if you encounter a communication attempt that appears to originate from us but raises red flags based on the information provided above. Here’s what to do in such a scenario:

  • Sever Contact Immediately: Do not respond to or engage with the suspected scammer.
  • Safeguard Your Assets: Take steps to secure your financial information and change account passwords as a precautionary measure.
  • Review Online Security Settings: Enhance your privacy and security settings on social media and other online platforms you frequent.
  • Report the Incident to CartelSpark: Please notify us of the suspected scam attempt. This information is vital in assisting us to track down the perpetrators and take appropriate action.

CartelSpark’s Official Communication Channels:

CartelSpark prioritizes clear and transparent communication. You can be assured that all legitimate communications from CartelSpark will originate from the following verified channels:

Working Together for a Safer Online Environment:

CartelSpark is actively working to identify and stop these fraudulent activities. By remaining vigilant and sharing this information with your network, we can create a safer online environment for everyone.

We appreciate your cooperation in keeping our services safe for everyone.