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Most college journeys in India take regular chai breaks while figuring out your career path. Ours was no different! While some classmates chased traditional routes, Santhosh Kumar (me) and my friend Uttam Singh dreamt of building something valuable online. Something that could reach and support a global audience.

Then, one late night fueled by ambition (and maybe a little too much chai), we stumbled upon the magic of SEO. It was like discovering the power of the internet. A way to make websites shine bright on Google search results and connect with a whole new world.

Learning SEO turned those early freelance gigs into a burning passion for digital marketing. But something was missing – the power of a collaborative team. Both of us longed for the energy of brainstorming sessions and late-night discussions with like-minded individuals who shared the same passion for the online world.

That’s where CartelSpark comes in the year 2021. Here in India, we believe in the power of collaboration, and that’s exactly what we built. We’re not just a bunch of SEO specialists (although we do love a good keyword analysis!). We’re a team of passionate experts among the top digital marketing agencies in the USA. We are storytellers, strategists, and brand builders in a single pack.

CartelSpark wasn’t born from a fancy corporate plan. It was born from chai breaks, late-night brainstorming sessions fueled by innovation, and a whole lot of teamwork. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities businesses face in the global marketplace, and we’re here to support and fill every gap.

Now, we want you to write your own digital marketing success story. Let CartelSpark be your partner to upscale your success. Join your name with our 135+ happy clients!

Founder: Santhosh Kumar   Co-Founder: Uttam Singh


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